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  • I designed an alternative packaging concept for single-use disposable perfume bottles, which are costly and non recyclable.
  • My design maintains a premium brand image through a bracelet designed for extended use. By comparing materials, manufacture and transport to a typical perfume bottle, I calculated a reduction of C02 and embodied energy of over 90%.
Heaven Scent

How it Works

The aluminium bracelet can be refilled with small recyclable PET sachets of perfume. The perfume bracelet suspends the oil based perfume in a polyeurethane foam. Through tightening a threaded screw pressure in the foam can be increased and more perfume can be pushed out around the wrist.

Heaven Scent

I aimed to address some existing problems with perfume bottles. They are deliberately designed to make dissassembly difficult to prevent reuse, and contain complex assemblies inside the atomiser. The perfume bottle I dissassembled had 12 parts.

A Typical Perfume Bottle

I built several concept prototypes and conducted some user testing of the concept. I experimented with different types of perfume and foam.


I used CES edupak to analyse the environmental impact of the transport, use and disposal of both a typical perfume bottle and my redesign. My concept resulted in a significant improvement of embodied energy and carbon footprint.

Breakdown of Embodied Energy and Carbon Footprint

Please see the report below for further detail about the design process and techincal analysis of the project.